You Can Now Update Google Street View with TrailBlazer and GoPro

by Panoskin Team, on Feb 6, 2019 9:00:00 AM

TrailBlazer by Panoskin

Over the last few months, TourBuilder has been working alongside GoPro and Google Maps to put the power of updating Google Street View in your hands. 

Meet TrailBlazer.

TrailBlazer is a desktop application that can import 360 footage shots with your GoPro Fusion 360 camera and publish it directly to Google Street View. This means you can now replace Google Street View, that was hit by the Google Street View car. Moreover, you can be a true pioneer and create Google Street View,whiche it doesn’t yet exist.

TrailBlazer Beta is now available for download for Mac or Windows.

Making the Most of TrailBlazer

TrailBlazer is an exciting new tool that allows users like you to become more ingrained in the Google community. The possibilities are truly endless with TrailBlazer, enabling you to publish 360 footage directly to roadways, waterways, trails, ski slopes, neighborhoods, and more.

Google leads the way with its mapping software, especially considering that they have the most map data and the support of Google Search. This partnership with GoPro and Google Maps allows you to create and publish content beyond the indoors.

So, how does it work?

TrailBlazer uses GPS information from your GoPro Fusion 360 camera to automatically connect the scenes from your 360 videos and upload them to Google Street View. There is no manual connecting needed.

Because of its ease of use, TrailBlazer has the potential to do more than just upload 360 scenes to roadways.

Help People Explore More

With the massive amount of people using Google Maps every day to find their way, being able to contribute and help them is simply a good deed on the web. The world is an aprominentg place, and sadly, many of us don’t get to see it all. With TrailBlazer, you can do your part to share your corner of the world with those who can’t visit by shooting Street View.

Help Businesses Thrive

The popularity of Google Street View creates a demand for image accuracy by businesses. There is no way for Google Street View cars to keep the streets up to date with new developments, changing scenery, and updated signage.

This is where you can step in.

Below is an example from a street with a lot of foot traffic. I pass this multimillion-dollar modern apartment complex called The Cooper every day. The building has been completed for a while, but the streets still show it under construction.

Google Streetview

Many businesses seek solutions to have frequently updated exterior views of their business, and TrailBlazer can help them do just that.

Up Your Street Cred

We know just how important your reputation is. This is why anything you put on the map will display the information on your Google Account. We will add more features before the official release this summer to help contributors increase their visibility as they contribute to Google Street View with TrailBlazer.

Google Street View

Contribute to History

And lastly, TrailBlazer helps you write history on Google. As more and more users update Street View, Google will display timeline functionality for viewers to go back in time and look at imagery captured in the past.

Google Street View Timeline

We will share various use cases and customer stories in the coming months. If you have an exciting story to tell via maps or an exciting use case, feel free to let us know at

TrailBlazer Beta is now available for download to begin uploading footage from your GoPro Fusion 360 camera.