TrailBlazer - How to Mount Your GoPro Fusion to a Car

by Panoskin Team, on Mar 19, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Google Street View with a GoPro Fusion

With the Beta launch of TrailBlazer, we want to share an example of how we mounted a GoPro Fusion to a car to capture Street View. Please note that TourBuilder is not a hardware manufacturer, nor are we sponsored by companies that make the equipment.

You should elevate the GoPro above your vehicle to get a good Street View shot. The reason is that if it is sitting just on top of the hood, the car will take up much of the image.  

Here is an example of a non-elevated shot

Non-elevated Google Street View Shot

Here is an example of an elevated shot

Elevated Google Street View Shot

We recommend a height of around 3ft above your roof. 

To build the mount, we used the following items. 

1) Tripod - Your typical DSLR tripod. 

2) Rubber Coated Magnets with GoPro Attachment


3) GoPro Handlebar Mount 


4) Gopro adapter for Tripod 


5) Depending on your tripod screw size, you may need an adapter for it to fit. 


The magnets are connected to the hand bar connectors, which are locked onto the tripod legs. 


Notice that the connections could be better as manufacturers do not make a two-prong to two-prong connection piece as there is little use. 


The rest is pretty straightforward. Put the GoPro mount adapter on the tripod's top and attach your go pro. You then adjust the tripod to your desired height. Then put the tripod on the hood of your car. Once on the vehicle, you can change the tripod legs to level the camera. We also recommend you put one portion of the tripod in the front as we believe the braking power to be more substantial then acceleration. 

Once you have your footage, simply use GoPro Fusion Studio to stitch your video and TrailBlazer to update Google Street View. Don’t have a GoPro Fusion? You can get one from their website

If you choose to use this setup, please do so at your own risk, as we do not manufacture any of these parts and are not mechanical engineers. Weather conditions and roads can also be a factor to consider as they can stress the ¼ inch connections more.