How 360 Degree Photography Will Improve Your Real Estate Listings

by Kyna Garrett, on Jan 3, 2018 9:00:00 AM

360-degree photography is a handy promotional tool for various businesses—one area where 360-degree photography can be incredibly successful in real estate listings. While Google Maps doesn’t allow real estate map listings of residential homes, it is a great marketing tool for multifamily properties showcasing their model apartment homes.

In the modern digital age, relying on your real estate listings to work on their own is unrealistic, and 360-degree photography can help your real estate and property listings in various ways. This blog will look at several ways that 360-degree photography can improve multifamily listings.

Attract Buyers Who May Not Have Been Interested

Regarding real estate listings, you have a small amount of information and limited promotional tools to work with. You have the written description, details, and photographs of the property available to work with. Working within those parameters, you are likely to appeal to people looking for a home or a property that fits those particular specifications, but beyond that, the likelihood of reaching anyone else could be higher.

With 360-degree photography, however, you increase the chances of reaching people who have yet to inquire further into your business. While nothing can replace an in-person property tour, 360-degree photography provides almost all the information an in-person time does and can be conveniently accessed whenever and wherever necessary.

Furthermore, it has been proven that TourBuilder virtual tours and 360-degree photography boosts interest by as much as 67%, and 130% of prospects are more likely to visit with these digital marketing tools.


Give Interested Buyers Something to Look Forward To

Selling a home to a potential buyer is easy if you know the person or persons already interested in the property. Whether they’ve seen the property from the outside, in person, or viewed the listing online -if a property appeals to a potential buyer or tenant- as a real estate agent or property manager, you have less to do in selling them on the property.

If you want to increase your customers’ interest and enthusiasm for your properties, 360-degree photography is just the tool to help you achieve. If photos and descriptions are enough to pique a potential buyer’s interest, 360-degree images will allow them to see the property more closely.

These three tools together can provide you with an overall increase in property interest as you are giving your clients more details on your properties.

Easily Shareable

While listings are easy to share, you are limited to whatever content your listings contain. As mentioned earlier, this usually means a written description of the property and whatever photos you have available. With links being easily shareable via email, mobile and social media, this incredible promotional tool can make your real estate listings viewable with just a button. Could you send listings of various properties to potential buyers and let them tour the spaces from the convenience of their tablet, laptop, or mobile phone? 360-degree photography will help your real estate listings get maximum exposure and reach potential buyers.


Show Off Your Commitment to Customer Service

In addition to all the other benefits we’ve listed, by using 360-degree photography for property listings, you will show potential buyers or tenants that your real estate agency prioritizes the needs of its customers. 360-degree photography helps your business ultimately, but it’s utilized the most by your customers. Using it for your real estate listings makes things easier for your customers, and this will reflect well on your business as a whole. Showing you emphasize customer satisfaction will show that your business has the customers’ best interests.

Those are just a few examples of how 360-degree photography can improve your real estate or multifamily property listings. At TourBuilder, we are committed to providing users with a high-quality digital tour-building platform for you to create virtual tours for your clients. For more information on building virtual tours or getting in touch with us, visit TourBuilder today.

At TourBuilder, we provide photographers and digital agencies with the ability to create virtual tours for their clients, offering professional-grade 360-degree photography and digital tour services. Whether you’re looking to enhance your business’ online visibility with Google Street View, need custom virtual tour services, or want to put your clients in front of your business with 360-degree photography, TourBuilder is committed to helping you promote your brand or business with our professional product. For more information, contact us today.